Alawal Stud / Horses

  • Calin Du Loup AR

    Male Chestnut born in 1996

    Calin Du Loup

    by Manganate
    and Nivada by Flipper AR

    Calin Du Loup is a powerful Manganate son who's promising racing career was cut short ...

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  • Darike AR

    Male Bay born in 1991


    by Dormane AR
    and Malika Fontenay AR by Medicq Allah AR

    DARIKE was European champion in 1995 at the age of 4 years old and is by France's lead ...

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  • Al Nasr AR

    Male Chestnut born in 1996

    al nasr

    by Way To Go AR
    and Mangalie D'albret AR by Manganate AR

    Blending the best of US and French bloodlines, Al Nasr’s second sire is Wiking, a prom ...

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  • Th Richie AR

    Male Chestnut born in 2001 1m62


    by Calin Du Loup AR
    and Char Rich Louise by Zt Ali Baba AR

    TH RICHIE is one of the best racehorses of recent years in the USA.
    He is the first A ...

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  • Abu Alemarat AR

    Male Chestnut born in 2004 1m54


    by Al Nasr AR
    and Madawa by Djelfor

    Abu Alemarat was an outstanding athlete being the 2008 Triple Crown Champion in the UA ...

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  • Djel Bon AR

    Male born in 1990


    by Manganate
    and Djebella Ii AR by Badr Bedur AR

    DJEL BON is by the legendary sire Manganate, who has been a leading sire in France man ...

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  • Johnny On The Spot AR

    Male born in 1991


    by Sam Tiki+
    and Spot Me by Tiki Shaiber

    JOHNNY ON THE SPOT is by sire Sam Tiki, named a Living Legend in 2004. He is a leading ...

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