Male Bay 29 ans

Dormane ARManganate ARSaint Laurent AR
Mandragore AR
Mandore ARGrabiec AR
Mandarine Iii AR
Malika Fontenay ARMedicq Allah ARIn Chaallah AR
Medica AR
Puce ARBesbes

General comments : DARIKE was European champion in 1995 at the age of 4 years old and is by France's leading sire, DORMANE, 1984. He raced in France and UK (2/8(6-0-1) 3, 1st Dubai S, Coupe du Cheval Arab and Criterium).

DORMANE is a leading international sire and has stakes winning progeny all over the world, including DALINA DES FABRIES (1st Coupe d'Al Asayl), FALINA DES FABRIES (1st Abu Dhabi International S., etc.), FRYNCH (Darley Champion, 4/28(8-5-5)4-8, $249,756), FRYNGE BENEFIT (Darley Champion, 3/33(10-3-6)3-4, $138,124), FRYVOLOUS (Darley Champion, 2/14(6-2-2)2-1, $119,354), DORAN SBFAR (2/7(5-1-0)4-1, $97,093), MAGIC DE PIBOUL(2/12(6-2-3)6-2, AMMANTE (2/11(3-2-0)1-2, $47,556).

DARIKE is out of Malike Fontenay 1985 an unraced daughter of Medicq Allah. She is also the dam of Chndaka, Manfik (1st Qatar Derby), Malik D’Or (1st Prix Djourman, Toulouse, France.

Offspring : Progeny:

JAZEERAT ALSADYAAT (Florine De Carrere by Djourman) 2005 colt.
1st Arabian Triple Crown Round II, G3 (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)
1st Al Ruwais, Conditions (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)
2nd UAE Arabian Derby, Listed (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)
2nd Arabian Triple Crown Round III, G3 (Abu Dhabi, 2400m)
3rd Abu Dhabi Three year old Championship, Listed (Abu Dhabi, 1600m)

YARIKE DE PASSERAT (Yacina De Passert by Djourman) 2002 colt.
1st Nakheel Trophy (Abu Dhabi, 1600m)
1st Al Khubaisi , Conditions (Abu Dhabi , 2200m)
2nd Al Mushrif (Abu Dhabi ,1400m)
2nd HH The President’s Cup Prep, Conditions (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)
4th Emirates Championship, G1 (Abu Dhabi, 2200)

PRINCE AMIN (Amina De Pedalia by Djelfor) 2001 colt.
1st Abu Dhabi Int. 3 year old Championship, G3 (Ostende 1800m)
2nd Al Asayl Championship (Abu Dhabi, 1600m)
3rd Sh. Khalifa Triple Crown, Round III, G3 (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)
4th Abu Dhabi International Championship, G1 (Newmarket,1600m)

BEN JACK (Sherana by Naji) 2000 colt.
1st Prix Goffs France, G1 (Chantilly,1600m)
3rd Prix Tornado de Syrah, G3 (Toulouse, 2000m)
3rd Prix Abu Dhabi Championship, G1 (Deauville, 2000m)

AZADI (Fatzia by Fatzour) 1999 colt.
2nd Coupe d'Europe, G1(Chantilly 1900m)
4th Coupe Du Sud Ouest Des Purs Sang Arabes (Bdx ex Bouscat, 1900m)

HACHE DEUX EAUX (Neomelique by Djelfor) 1999 colt
1st Abu Dhabi International 3 year old. Championship, G3 (Ostende, 1800m)

AKIM DU LOUP (Salia Du Loup by Manganate) 1999 colt.
1st Prix Tornado de Syrah, G3 (Toulouse, 2000m)

DARISTOS (Danzina by Zulus) 2001 Colt.
1st Prix Du Haras D'uzes (Marseille Pont De Vivaux, 1525m)
1st Prix Saint Lautent (Dax, 1200m)
3rd Al Asayl Championship, Listed (Abu Dhabi, 1600m)
3rd Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Triple Crown R1, Listed (Abu Dhabi, 1600m)

BANJO DU LOUP (Nevadou by Flipper) 2004 Colt.
1st Prix Tidjani (Toulouse, 2000m)
3rd Prix Val D'Adour (Tarbes, 2100m)

JOUEUR DU LOUP (Caline Du Loup by Manganate) 2000 Filly
1st Prix Frederic Bouas (Beaumont De Lomagne, 1800m)
1st The Madinat Zayed (Abu Dhabi, 1600m)

NAJD (Narde Celtique by Djelfor) 2005 Colt.
1st Prix Frederic Bouias (Beaumont De Lomagne, 1800m)
3rd Prix De Bournazel (Pampadour, 1400m)

DADARI (Danaide Al Maury by Baroud III) 2002 colt
1st Ahlan Cup (Nad Al Sheba, 2000m)
2nd Prix Tornade De Syrah (Toulouse, 2200m)
2nd Prix Nedjari (Dax, 2100m)

ABYANEH (Arabelle D'Avril by Djouras Tu) 1999 Colt.
2nd The Abu Samrah Sponsored by Al Reef Stables (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)
2nd The Al Maha Desert Resport (Nad Al Sheba, 1800m)
3rd The Abu Musa Island Sponsered by Al Reef Stables (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)

TEREX (Shebaa By Tornade De Syrah) 2005 colt.
2nd Prix Alban Jamme (Carcasonna, 1600m)
3rd Prix Kriss II (Dax, 2100m)

Results : Race Record:

At 3 years of age, 3 starts, 3 wins

1st Prix Fleur d'avril (Agen, 1600m)
1st Prix de la Barre (Dax, 1500m)
1st Coupe Du Crown Prince D'Abu Dhabi (Toulouse, 2200m)

At 4 years old, 5 starts, 4 win, 1 place

1st Derby Des Pur Sang Arabes (Chantilly, 2200m)
1st Coupe D'Europe Du Cheval Arabe (Evry, 2100m)
1st The Dubai Stakes (Kempton Park, 2000m)
1st Toyota trophy (Nad Al Sheba, 1600m)
2nd The gulf bank (Nad Al Sheba, 2000m)

At 5 years old, 3 starts, 1 place

3rd Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid challenge Round I (Nad Al Sheba, 1600m)
5th Mahreq Bank race (Nad Al Sheba, 2000m)
7th Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid challenge Round II (Nad Al Sheba, 2400M)

At 6 years of age, 7 starts, 2 wins, 4 places

1st Prix Manganate (Tarbes, 2000m)
1st Prix Val D'Adour (Tarbes, 2000m)
2nd Coupe Du Sud Ouest Des Purs Sang Arabes (Bdx Le Bouscat, 1900m)
2nd (Kempton Park, 1200m)
3rd (Newbury, 1200m)
3rd Coupe D'Al Asayl Stables of Abu Dhabi (Craon 2200m)
5th Prix Du President Des Emirats Arabes Unis (Chantilly, 1800m)