Male Chestnut 24 ans

Way To Go ARWiking AREtap AR
Wilma AR
Brusally Orsata AROrzel AR
Brusally Zbrusata AR
Mangalie D'albret ARManganate ARSaint Laurent AR
Mandragore AR
D'idida ARSeraskier
Razzia Iii

General comments : Blending the best of US and French bloodlines, Al Nasr’s second sire is Wiking, a prominent name in racing circles, both as an exceptional race horse and a producer of some of the best and most successful race horses in the world. In 1985 he was the IAHA Arabian race horse of the year and remains the all time leading sire of Arabian race horses. Mangalie D’Albret is by Mangante and has also produced Bengali D'Albret (Cheri Bibi x Mangalie D'Albret), winner of 16 races including the European Triple Crown two years in a row.

Sire : 1987 (Wiking x Brusally Orsata), 16 starts, 10 wins and 4 placings including: 1st Emirates Race (8 furlongs) twice, 1st Emirates Race (6 furlongs) twice, 1st Coupe D’Europe du Cheval Arab (10.s furlongs), 2nd Al Maktoum Challenge (6 furlongs). Sire of winners including: ALNASR, KOREA and EDNA WAY.

Dam : Mangalie D’Albret (f, by Manganate), placed once at 4 in France, dam of:
Bengalie D’Albret (C, by Cheri Bibi)
Sire D’Albret (C, by Cheri Bibi), 4 wins at 4 in the UAE, placed once.
Maleeh (C, by Dahman El Arami) 3 wins at 4.
Djouman D’Albret (C, by djourman) placed 3 times in the UAE.
Rawat Al Intisar (f, by Drug) unraced
Al Nasr (C, by Way to go), subject stallion.
Bas Ana (f, by Izentespeshal) 1 win, retired to stud.

2nd dam : D’IDIDA (f, by Seraskier), winner at 3 Prix Djerba Oua – Biarritz, placed 7 times at 3 and 4. Own sister to ZID HTATOUSEL.

Dam of winners including:

DIDA CHERIE (f, by Tidjani) 11 wins and placed 24 times.
TIDJIDA D’ALBRET (f, by Tidjani) placed 4 times at 3 and 4, dam of winner

CHERIE D’JANIE (f, by Cheri Bibi) winner and placed 4 times.
MALIKA D’ALBRET (f, by Cheri Bibi) 4 wins, placed 12 times,
retired to stud.
DAY AL MAURY (c, by Cheri Bibi) 2 wins and 3 places in the UAE.
MALIK D’ALBRET (c, by Cheri Bibi) placed once at 3, sire in France.
AMIRA D’ALBRET (f, by Cheri Bibi) winner at 4, placed once.

3rd dam : RAZZIA III (1972 Gosse Du Bearn), placed twice at 3. Dam of winners including:

ZID HTATOUSEL (f, Seraskier), winner and 7 places. Dam of:
D’JANIZID (f, Tidjani) 5 wins, placed 8 times. 3 year old
French champion. Retired to stud.
KHEIRA (f, Cheri Bibi) winner at 5, placed 8 times.
HAFFIR EL RIMAL (c, by Cheri Bibi) winner and 3 placings.
SIMOUN BEN ZID (c, by Cheri Bibi) winner and placed once.
FLEUR DES SABLES (f, by Sherkan II) unplaced, dam of:
VENT DES SABLES (c, by Cheri Bibi) placed once at 5 in
France. Sire in France.
TAHAAR DES SABLES (c, by Cheri Bibi) placed 4 times at
4 and 6, 1997 in the UAE.

Results : Race Record:

At 3 years of age, 4 starts, 3 wins, 1 place

1st The Al Asayl Championship Round I (Nad Al Sheba, 1600m)
1st The Al Asayl Championship Round II (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)
1st (Duindigt,1800m)
3rd Prix Du President Des Emirats Arabes Unis (Deauville, 2000m)

At 4 years of age, 3 starts, 3 places

3rd HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Triple Cown Round 1 (Abu Dhabi, 1600m)
2nd HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Triple Crown Round 3 (Nad Al Sheba,1800m)
3rd Mazrat Al Ruwayah (Nad Al Sheba, 1600m)

At 5 years of age, 1 Start, 1 place

3rd HH The Presidents Cup (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)

ABHAAR (Aliaa by Djelfor)
1st Arabian Triple Crown Round 1, Listed 1600m Abu Dhabi
1st Gold Cup, Prestiage, 1600m Abu Dhabi

Molahen Al Alhan (Florine De Carrere by Djourman)
1st Emirates Colts Classic, Prestiage – 1600m, Abu Dhabi
1st HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Ladies (IFAHR) World Championship, 1600m, Abu Dhabi
2nd Arabian Triple Crown Round 1, Listed 1600m Abu Dhabi


Male Chestnut 19 ans

Calin Du Loup ARManganate Saint Laurent AR
Mandragore AR
Nivada Flipper AR
Nevada Ii AR
Char Rich Louise Zt Ali Baba ARMoniet El Nafis
Mperial Al Ahbab
Dobrys Princess Dobry
Char Rich Alecia

General comments :

TH RICHIE is one of the best racehorses of recent years in the USA. He is the first Arabian Triple Crown winner in the USA and multiple Darley Champion. 

Results :

2004 DARLEY Champion 3 Year old Colt 2005 DARLEY Champion 4 Year old Colt 2005 DARLEY Champion Sprinter 2005 DARLEY Horse of the YEAR At 3 years of age, 8 starts. 5 wins, 3 places 1st Arabian Racing Cup Championship Juvenile Group 1 (1600m) 1st Lone Star Arabian Futurity (1200m) 1st Liberty Bell Stakes (1200m) 1st Maiden Special Weight at Delaware Park (1200m) 1st Allowance at Delaware Park (1600m) 2nd Alec Courtelis Juvenile Group 2 (1600m) 2nd Arabian Racing Cup Championship Sprint Group 1 (1200m) 2nd Allowance at Delaware Park (1600m) At 4 years old, 8 starts, 7 wins, 1 place 1st Drinkers of the Wind Derby Group 1 (1600m) 1st Diamond Derby (1400m) New Track Record 1:32.52 1st Bob Magness Derby Group 1 (1700m) 1st Drinkers of the Wind Trial (1200m) 1st Delaware Season Opener Stakes (1200m) 1st Mandolynn Hill Farm Delaware Park Stakes (1600m) 1st Allowance at Delaware Park (1200m) 3rd Arabian Cup Championship Sprint G1 (1200m) At 5 years old, 2 starts, 1 win 1st Delaware Season Opener Stakes (1200m) 4th Mandolyn Hill Farm Delaware Park Stakes (1600m)


Male Chestnut 16 ans

Al Nasr ARWay To Go ARWiking AR
Brusally Orsata AR
Mangalie D'albret ARManganate AR
D'idida AR
Madawa Djelfor Manganate
Djebella Ii AR
Marinella In Chaalah
Ma Belle

General comments : Abu Alemarat was an outstanding athlete being the 2008 Triple Crown Champion in the UAE and also the leading 4 years old. He was also the first Triple Crown champion to perform at the highest level and managed to outclass Group 1 winners during the short time he was on the track. Abu Alemrat hails from the female dam line of Saint Laurent, Gosse Du Bearn, Al Sakbe & Magic De Piboul, a line of leading and influential international performance sires.

Stud Record:

First Foals 2011

Dam : MADAWA (f, by Djelfor) two time 2nd from 3 starts in UAE. Dam of winner’s incl:
AL MUZHIL (c, by Shahil Rakkad) 1 win & 5 places
AGRAB AL NAS (c, by Way to Go) 8 wins & 18 places. 4th Liwa Oasis, G1 (1400m).
TIME OUT (c, by Al Nasr) 4 wins & 8 places. 1st Presidents Cup Prep, Conditions.
(2200m). 3rd Liwa Oasis, G1 (1400m). 4th Emirates Championship (2200m, G1).
ABU ALEMARAT (c, by Al Nasr) 5 wins & 2 places, Champion & Triple Crown winner
1st Arabian Triple Crown (2200m, G3), 1st Arabian Triple Crown R3 (2400m,G3),
1st Arabian Triple Crown (1600m, Listed), 2nd HH Presidents Cup (2200m, G1). Sire.
AL MISK (f, by Vadeer) 1 win, 6 places. Dam of:
Sama Bu Dhabi (f, Darike) 1st Abu Dhabi Fillies Classic (1600m), 2nd Emirates
Fillies Classic (1600m, Abu Dhabi), 3rd Arabian Triple Crown Round III, G3
(2400m, Abu Dhabi). 4th Arabian Triple Crown Round III G3 (2200m, Abu Dhabi).
MARJAN AL ASAYL (c, Burning Sand) 1 win, 1 place.

2nd dam : MARINELLA (f, by In Chaalah) Unraced, Dam of winner’s incl:
MAGICIEN DE GEMMES (c, by Kesberoy) 2 wins & 3 places
MADAWA (Subject above).
MESANGE AL MAURY (f, by Manganate) 5 wins & 7 places, incl: 1st Qatar Mares
Championship, Gr1. 2nd Zabeel Stakes G1. 2nd Emirates Godolphin Stakes, Listed.
3rd Abu Dhabi International Oaks, G1. Dam of winners.

3rd dam : MA BELLE (f, Ourour)
LA MONGIE (f, SHERKHAN II). Unraced, Dam of:
MESOUAD (f, Nuit saint George), 1 Win, 5 places. 1st Grand Prix de la Foire de
printemps, G2.
MISS ALCANTARA (f, Lark Du Berlais). Dam of:
MONTEIL (c, Nuits st Georges). 4 wins, 6 places. 3rd Qatar Sprint
MASSILIA (f, Badr Budr) dam of winners, including:
ALFA DE ST LON (f, Djouras Tu) unraced, dam of:
MODJALLA (f. Tidjani), 1 place. Dam of:
MUJTAHID (c, Saklawi Jadrane). 2 wins. 1st Emirates colt
Classic, Prestige. (1600m)..
ANNABELLE D'AVRIL (f, Djouras Tu) unraced, dam of:
ALADIN LA NUIT (c, Nuits St Georges). 1 win, 4 places. 2nd Trophee Des
Ecuries Royales. G1 (1,200m).
MISS DIANE (f, Badr Bedur ) unraced. Dam of:
ISMALYA (f, Sherkhan II) Unraced dam of:
Horus De Chavange (c, Djelfor ) 1st Qatar Interntional Handicap.
2nd Sheikh Suhaim Cup. 3rd Rowadat Al Faras Cup. 3rd Al Musheribi
Cup. 3rd Al Wajba Cup. In Qatar.
SHEBAA (f, Tornado De Syrah). 4th Prix De Sultan D'oman G1.

4th dam : MADERBA (f. Djerba Oua). Unraced. Own sister to MAD OUA, National Sire. Dam of :
MONA LISA (Badr Bedur - Pol), Unraced. Dam of :
MAGIC DE PIBOUL (c. Dormane), 6 wins, placed 4 times, 1st Dubaï Kahayla
Classic 2001 in Dubaï, 1st Coupe d'Europe, 1st Prix du Président des UAE in Chantilly, 1st
President of UAE International in Newmarket. Sire.
Morgane de Piboul (f. Djourman), 1 win, placed 3 times in France, Prix Saint-Laurent
in Pompadour, 2nd Prix des Sables. Dam of :
AL SAKBE (c. Kesberoy), 11 wins, placed 6 times, Prix du Président des UAE
in Chantilly, Coupe d'Europe in Maisons-Laffitte, Dubaï International Stakes
in Newbury (twice), International Challenge Derby in Newmarket, SH
Maktoum Challenge I in Dubaï. Sire.
MADOUA DE PIBOUL (c. Dormane), 7 wins, placed 11 times.
Magreba de Piboul (f. Grabiec - Pol.), unraced. Dam of :
MADERBA DE PIBOUL (f. Manganate), 29 starts, 10 wins, placed 11
times in France, GB and UAE, Rohan Stakes in Larkhill, The Baniyas Stakes
in Kempton Park.
MARBELLA DE PIBOUL (f. Manganate), 5 wins, placed 12 times in
France and GB, Emirates Arabian Sprint in Newbury.
MAHEBA DE PIBOUL (f. Bosphore), 5 wins, placed 5 times in France
and GB, Hatta International Stakes in Newbury.
MEDJERA DE PIBOUL (f. Dormane), 3 wins, placed 3 times, Prix Nedjari
in Mont-de-Marsan, Dandoura in Dax, 3rd Sultanat d'Oman in Toulouse.
MANIE DE PIBOUL (f. Dormane), 1 win, placed 7 times, Prix Nevada II in
Montauban, 2nd Coupe du Capitole in Toulouse
MAGREB DE PIBOUL (c. Dormane), 1 win, placed 7 times in France and
UAE, Prix Saint-Laurent in Dax.
MANOUREVA (f, Grabiec). Dam of:
ZACAN EL BARAKA, 2 wins, placed 7 times. 1st Racing Arabian Sires
Show in Gelos.
HIPPONE DE CARRERE (c. Djourman), 4 wins, placed 12 times in France,
Germany and Qatar, Prix Beverly Turk in La Teste, The Al Nahyan
International Cup in Francfort, 2nd Hobbs Melville Sprint in Hambourg.
JAIB DE CARRERE (c. Djouras Tu), 6 starts, 3 wins, placed 3 times in
Mireille (Ourour). Unraced. Dam of :
Arca du Cassou (Baraka), placed twice. Dam of
PEPE LE MOCCO (c. Djourman), 2 wins, placed 5 times, Derby
des Pur Sang Arabes in Chantilly, Hobbs Melville First International
in Taby. Sire.
BARTABA (c. Manganate), 1 win, placed twice. Royal Sire in
MANGANELLO (c. Manganate), 1 win, placed once. Sire.
NEARCA (f. Djourman), 4 wins,placed 6 times in France and Qatar.
Miss Dior (Badr Bedur - Pol). Unraced. Dam of:
MAKZAN (c. Manganate), 19 wins in France, USA,
GB and Qatar, Al Nahayan International, Zaabeel Stakes in
Kempton Park, HH Sheikh Al Nahayan, Al Whela in Doha,
The Turf Cup in Delaware Park (USA). Sire in GB.
ALMAD (f, Nadji) unraced. Dam of:
AGAR VEGE (f, Kesberoy) dam of:
Akido Vege (c, Elios De Carrere). 1st Dubai International
Newbury G1. 1st Dutch Open JR Championship. 2nd
President of UAE Derby, G1. 2nd Coupe Europe des
chevaux Arabes, Chantilly, G1. 3rd Emirates
Championship of Abu Dhabi, G1.
ANETO (c, Manganate). Stallion in USA.

5th dam : MADONE Unraced. Half-sister to SAINT LAURENT and GOSSE DU BEARN. Dam of :
MAD OUA (Djerba Noua). National Sire. Sire of winners in France.
MINOUCHE II (Djerba Oua). 1 win.
Dam of DAHMAN EL ARAMI, National Sire and TOUT AN KHAN, Horse of the
Year in France.
AICHA CROIXNOIRE, 2nd Abu Dhabi International Oaks 1995.

6th dam : MADOU (Norniz). Dam of :
SAINT LAURENT (Baroud II). 4 wins, placed 4 times. National Sire.
GOSSE DU BEARN (Djerba Oua). 4 wins, placed 3 times. National Sire.

Pedigree : This young sire is from the female line of SAINT LAURENT, GOSSE DU BEARN, MAGIC DE PIBOUL. A line of leading sires.

Results : Race Record:

At 4 years if age, 4 starts, 4 wins

1st Emirates Arabian Triple Crown, Round I(Abu Dhabi, 600m)

1st Arabian Triple Crown, Round II, G3 (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)

1st Abu Dhabi Arabian Triple Crown, Round III, G3 (2400m)

1st Golden Shaheen, (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)

1st Hydra Silver Cup, Conditions (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)

At 5 years if age, 1 starts, 1 place

2nd H.H The Presidents Cup, G1 (Abu Dhabi, 2200m)

Shaheer (Jameela by Tidjani)
1st Maiden, 1600m Abu Dhabi
2nd Qatar Total Arabian Trophy, Sanit Cloud, 2000m- Group 1

Hathlool (Al Qahira by Dormane)
2nd Al Rayan Cup 2000m Group 1, Deauville
2nd Prix Cheri Bibi, Group 2, 1900m Bordeaux Le Bouscat
2nd Shadwell Prix Tidjani 1900m Group 3, Le Teste De Buch

Aurora Forta (Bay Brulee by Sam Tiki)
2nd EEF International Stakes (Group 2), 1400m Newbury


Male Chestnut 14 ans

Akbar Djelfor Manganate
Djebella Ii
Fantasia Gosse Du Bearn
Fleur D'avril
Bint El Bedia Elias Esmet Ali
Belvedere Misk


Male Chestnut 12 ans

Burning Sand ARSan Lou Romirz ARMirzaz AR
Elsinore Rose AR
Du Smaragda ARAzlaf Azjdib AR
Rozane AR
Queen Kong ARKong ARDjouras Tu AR
Arca Du Cassou AR
Sahara Croixnoire ARAla Croixnoire AR
Dunalie AR


Male Grey 10 ans

Amer Wafi Shabab
Bushra Lahoom
Nassem El Baher Elios De Carrere Manganate
Nerva Du Cassou
Madawa Djelfor


Male Grey 8 ans

Majd Al Arab ARAmer Wafi
Djelmila AR-
Burnie Gee Pw ARBurning Sand ARSan Lou Romirz AR
Du Smaragda AR
Bygosh Bygolly AR-


Male Flaring Chestnut 9 ans

Al Nasr Way To Go Wiking
Brusally Orasata
Mangalied'albret Manganate
Aliaa ARDjelfor ARManganate AR
Djebella Ii AR


Male Bay 23 ans

Burning Sand ARSan Lou Romirz ARMirzaz AR
Elsinore Rose AR
Du Smaragda ARAzlaf Azjdib AR
Rozane AR
Refleksja AR--